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Collectiques Research is dedicated to the study and research of Antiques and Collectibles. 

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American Revolutionary War Canteen  Identification 

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Ackerman Michigan Blue goose Decoy


As a Certified Antiques Appraiser, I am constantly striving to discover facts to uncover new information about anything that has age and is collectible. With 55+ years of experience in anything antique, research is a part of my life. We will try to Identify or substantiate history, if there are facts to back it up. Collectiques Research is against any unscroupulous identification that adds to the plethora of fakes and lies regarding identification, use or ownership of supposedly important historical items. Attributions we give are made with facts at hand, but attributions are "best guesses" using facts at hand. Attributions may change with new facts uncovered. In our research process we need your input. Please help us if you know any pertinant information that may help in the identification or history behind a piece that is being researched. 

Collectiques Research will try not only to feature items that we are in the process of  being researched, but will also feature submission items from friends and customers.  As we strive to get at the truth behind Antiques Identification all comments, ideas, and criticisms are welcome and appreciated. No thought or comment is viewed as unimportant. All are viewed with respect. Please help us as we endeavour to attribute an identification or use history of each piece we research. 

Note: Please understand that if attributions are made to anything on this website, the attribution is our opinion or identified as such when the item were given as research. All opinions expressed on this website are only opinions based with information at hand and should not be viewed as substantiated fact. Attributions and opinions may change when new facts are discovered in our research. We will not be held liable for any use of the attributions or opinions expressed on this website. 

Please visit our webstore for a few of our offerings. If interested contact us for availability. All of our inventory currently is for sale in one of two Antique Malls in the Midwest.

Thank you

David Moore CAA, AIA, PACC certified

The Collectiques Research logo is a sillouette of three rare Canvasback duck decoys carved by Charles Barnard of Havre de Grace Maryland in the 1910/1920s period

These highly sought after decoys are very distinctive in their form and style and unmistakenly carved by the hand of Charles Barnard. 

A pair of Fish decoys carved by the same unknown hand and attributed to originating from the Greenbay Wisconsin area. This pair of investment grade fish decoys are pictured on page 233 of "Fish and Foul decoys of the Great Lakes" by Donna Tonelli and sold to the owner by Tim Spreck, Minnesota fish decoy dealer and appraiser. 

These fish decoys are entirely hand carved and are  the epitomy of American utilitarian folk art.

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